The Dairy Dive

We’re diving deep into the world of dairy farming! Top industry insiders guest on the show as we tackle the toughest topics in dairy. If you’re a dairy farmer, or just like to drink milk, this is the podcast for you. Presented by Masters Choice.

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3 days ago

In this episode we introduce Rob-See-Co's Forage Portfolio Manager, Amy Hoy. Amy has a wealth of experience in the livestock and silage world, so you won't want to miss this one!

It’s Organic! | Dairy Dive 101

Wednesday Sep 13, 2023

Wednesday Sep 13, 2023

On this episode we're joined by Josh Elsing from Grow Source to talk about the direction of the Organic industry and if it's a fit for you and your operation (spoiler alert: the answer may or may not be yes!). 

Wednesday Aug 30, 2023

We celebrate a big milestone, our 100th full length episode!, with a good friend of the show. It's fitting that our centennial episode is with Laura Herschleb, General Manager of our favorite show, World Dairy Expo. We talk about where the show has been and where it is going. 

Monday Aug 21, 2023

We're joined by Joe Boufford of New Holland for one of our most interesting episodes yet. Joe describes the process of capturing methane on the dairy farm and how it can be used to promote energy independence on the farm, and how that process is becoming more affordable very soon. You won't want to miss this one!

Wednesday Aug 02, 2023

On this episode of The Dairy Dive, we're joined by our friend Renato Schmidt from Lallemand. Renato and Scott have a great conversation about Silage Inoculants and the role they play on today's dairy farms. Buckle up, you won't want to miss this one. 

Wednesday Jun 07, 2023

On this episode we are joined by Daniela Roland, from Penn State University, to discuss heat stress on the dairy and ways that we can mitigate its effects. In case you're interested: Scott and Andrew start the episode with a wonderful dialogue about sports movies. In case you aren't interested: you can fast forward to the interview!

Wednesday May 17, 2023

On this episode of the Dairy Dive we are joined by Nathan Upah, from Tech Mix Global, to discuss fresh cow interventions and how, on the dairy, sometimes we can miss the forest for the trees. 

More For Less | Dairy Dive 95

Wednesday Apr 19, 2023

Wednesday Apr 19, 2023

On this episode of the Dairy Dive, Taliah Danzinger, from VAS, comes on to talk about how we can use data to increase the efficiency on our dairies, making more from less. Taliah is a repeat guest of the show and we love having her! 

Wednesday Apr 05, 2023

On this episode of The Dairy Dive, we interview Steve Martin to talk about Artificial Intelligence. Does A.I. have a place in agriculture? Could it one day balance a ration on the dairy farm? 

Wednesday Mar 22, 2023

Have you ever considered the true value of your corn silage, beyond its digestibility metrics? On this episode of The Dairy Dive, we welcome Steve Massie, of Renaissance Nutrition, back to the show. Steve does a fantastic job of teaching us unique ways to look at the nutritional value of corn silage on the dairy farm, bringing out some fantastic points that you may not have considered before. 

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